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Thank you to all of our wonderful families. You have given our puppies wonderful homes full of love. I appreciate you staying in touch, the friendships that we have developed & the dedication & love you give to your OES family member.
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 Where should I begin?  How about from the first time I met Joey and her litter of pups!  OMG! They were adorable and it was obvious they all knew and loved her.  The day I "chose" my Lucy was so much fun but more importantly Joey gave me so much information about sheepies.  How to care for her, vitamins, dog food, grooming, training, personality traits, and the list goes on.  The fact that she has her video feed especially for new pup owners, to help us get to know our pups, to be able to watch them play or sleep or eat...anytime I wanted??  Priceless.  I saw, first hand, how active Joey is with her dogs both day and night.

After I took Lucy home, Joey stayed in contact and has always had an "open door" policy.  I've called, text, emailed for advice as well as just sending "grandma" photos of Lucy!
I would recommend Joey and her sheepies any time!  She is so knowledgeable and caring.  You can be assured Joey has done her research in breeding the best quality dog for your family!
San Antonio, TX

Bear & Bella

When our beloved Old English Sheepdog Sam crossed the rainbow bridge we were absolutely heartbroken. We loved him so much. It was nothing less than our extraordinary good fortune that we found Joey Miller at Cottondogs. We were referred to her by a breeder in Illinois.
After much coercion and ferreting us out as good owners of one of her precious babies, Joey agreed to allow us to have our wonderful boy, Bear. Joey had intended to keep Bear for herself, however, realizing how heartbroken we were and missing our OES, she relented. Bear quickly became the love of our lives. This was followed two years later by our second Cottondogs OES, Bella. We can't imagine our lives without these two bundles of joy. When we arrive home the first thing we are looking for is Bear and Bella.
It is impossible for us to recommend Joey and Cottondogs highly enough. Joey cares for these babies from the moment of birth like they were little humans. Joey's love and attention creates the most loving, loyal and wonderful OES Dogs that you could hope for.
We are eternally indebted to Joey for bringing Bear and Bella into our lives. If you are fortunate enough to be allowed to receive one of Joeys babies consider yourself lucky. It will be worth the wait, all of the paperwork that you must fill out, the references that you have to provide and least of all the cost.
Loving our OES bundles of joy in San Antonio, TX,

Charles and Julie Plunkett 



Truth be told, we were actually fans of Cotton Dogs for several years before we finally got one of our own. As lifelong sheepdog owners, we enjoyed watching videos of other sheepdogs online, and realized that we hoped and dreamed of one day having a Cotton Dog of our own.  As luck would have it, when we felt truly ready for a new puppy, a litter had just been born.  From the very beginning of the process, Joey was incredibly helpful and accommodating, answering any questions we had, and kept us in the loop daily with updates, pictures and videos. To say Joey went beyond the call of duty in every way would be an understatement. When it was time to have our puppy shipped from Texas to California (we wanted to pick him up personally but that was not possible), Joey took extra care to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for our sweet pup. He still sleeps with a blanket that he showed up with, and sometimes takes it for walks.
From the moment our Noodlebird arrived, there was in instant connection that grows stronger every day. Not only is our lil' sheepie adorable, healthy and sweet, he's also incredibly intelligent and agile. Under that bouncing ball of wool is one of the most graceful and loving creatures we've ever known. He likes learning new things (don't let a stubborn sheepdog fool you) and strives to impress us all the time, and he does. He's excellent with our toddler son, and seems to go out of his way to maintain a gentle and nurturing environment when they play together (our son however, still has some work to do in that department). We could go on and on about how much we adore Noodlebird, our very own Cotton Dog, and the wonderful family in Texas where he came from. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions that you might have about Cotton Dogs, and/or the process of integrating a puppy into your home!


We would like to thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your beautiful OES puppies. Max (Maxi) is the most loving of dogs. Thank you also for all the pictures you sent when Maxi was just born, so much fun.  When we adopted Maxi (9 wks), he was nearly trained (potty wise), he would sit on command (well, most of the time) but most importantly, he was very well socialized (meaning he's a lover boy) We lived 800+miles away at the time of adoption and Joey, thank you for making sure Maxi loved to ride in the car. He hopped in the car and road that 800+ miles sitting on my lap looking out the window. He still enjoys a good ride. He is a beautiful, healthy dog, loves people, other dogs and so very loving. I can't express enough our love for Max and I thank you for such a great beginning.



 We adopted our beautiful Old English Sheepdog, Maggie, a few years ago and she has been such a wonderful blessing to our family.  Her temperment is gentle, kind, loving and nurturing.  She mothers all of the animals she meets and is amazing with children.  Maggie has helped us with many of our rescue animals by providing warmth and comfort.  Some of her furry companions include a 4 week old kitten (still currently her best friend), watching over and protecting an injured baby grey squirrel (also currently one of her favorite animal friends), protecting and snuggling 2 wild baby rabbits, as well as befriending many other stray dogs that have found shelter and love in our home.  She's the kindest and sweetest dog I have ever had the privilege of calling my furbaby!  Joey is such a caring and loving person, and I can see why her Old English Sheepdogs are such amazing companions. Thank you, Joey! We love our Maggie Moo so much!




 My 5th sheepdog in 40 yrs was born in December 2014. From the day he was born, Joey kept us well informed about the puppies progress. I couldn't believe the time she spent sending email updates and videos of the litter! It was amazing watching her raise these newborns.They were part of her family from day one. Nigel is a magnificent boy. He loves everything and everyone.The only regret I have is not getting two from Cotton Dogs. Thank you Joey for allowing my family to have such a precious dog!




 We purchased our girl, Martha, from Joey in 2011. Previous to this she had actually bought one of our puppies, Meadow. I knew when it was time to get a new female to add to our breeding program, that Joey would have the perfect girl! She is so knowledgeable about Old English Sheepdogs, and her meticulous care of her dogs shows in the quality of her puppies. The puppies are absolutely socialized by the time they leave Joey.  Our Martha is the sweetest, most gentle sheepdog in the world and came to us that way.  Joey has painstakingly had her dogs tested for the entire range of health issues that are prevalent in the OES, and only breeds the highest quality of puppies.  She is always there to answer questions or concerns that new owners may have and makes sure that her puppies go to homes that will continue to take great care of these dogs as they go through their lives. I would highly recommend Joey’s puppies to anyone who is interested in the very best!




I adopted Fancy at about 3 months old; she was the pick of the litter and a show prospect, and Joey was saving her for just the right family. She was a little shy at first, but she's since opened up and revealed her sweet, loving, and playful personality. Joey answered every little question I had and has kept up with her progress. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy or a better experience adopting her. 



Being a forever Old English Sheepdog owner, we were interviewing numerous Breeders - as we knew our OES were getting older & soon to pass on & didn't want to be lonely. We received recommendation on this breeder - Joey Miller (Cottondogs). Being skeptical as she (Joey) lives in Texas & we in Massachusetts - we had many questions for her - especially sight unseen (Parents, Puppies, Environment, Socialization, etc.)

We were put at ease - all questions answered to extent and numerous phone conversations as well as Vet updates & plane reservations. Our Puppy Package arrived just the way Joey explained - "Kodiak" aka Jack came into our lives - A puppy that was clean as a whistle, a personality that enlightened our household instantly (so we knew he was well socialized) & a puppy that will forever give us boundless LOVE.

My family & I can't say & give enough "PRAISE & THANKS" to Joey & her ways of Breeding OES's. She takes great pride in her Breeding & is there every step of the way to make sure your questions are answered & you are Happy with your Puppy.

Thanks Joey & Cottondogs - We Love KODIAK Endlessly.

The Blizard's - Maggie, Oakley, Kodiak & Griffin


Beautiful Bella

I had wanted an Old English Sheepdog from the time I was a little girl. In the spring of 2010, I decided the time was right to look into finding one. I really feel it was a miracle finding Joey. It can be scary looking for a breeder because you want a puppy that is well bred & well taken care of. Joey more than met my expectaons. She answered all my questions about the breed, about her OESs, & the process for getting an OES. I could tell from her application process that she has a genuine concern for making sure her puppies go home to a loving family. She is a very good "mother" to the puppies while they are in her house. They are treated like royalty. I loved her puppy cam, which allowed me to watch the puppies play & grow. She opened up her house to us to visit the puppies whenever we could. We are so happy with Bella. She is a wonderful companion & a sweet healthy dog.




When my wife & I started our search for a puppy, we never imagined we'd end up with an OES from a breeder in Texas that we found online. We had decided on OES for their personality & were well aware of the work we'd be getting ourselves into.

After months of research online into various rescue groups & breeders, we decided on Cottondogs. We found the website & were very interested & after looking elsewhere, we always came back to the same place. When I reached out to Joey, I immediately felt more comfortable--it was clear her sheepdogs were an integral part of her family. Joey answered every single question & concern I had, really above & beyond what we ever expected. We actually felt more comfortable by having to apply & knowing Joey would check with our references; this helped us to know she was concerned with the welfare of the puppies. After the puppies were born, we loved the puppycam where we could check in on them playing and growing. Even the temperament information was helpful, but more important was being able to ask Joey for help selecting based on their specific characteristics she saw on a daily basis.

As soon as Farley arrived, we knew we had made the right choice. He instantly curled up in my wife's lap--something he still likes to do, 60 pounds later! He never meets a stranger & has the happiest demeanor of any dog either of us has had. He is also great with kids, which was one of our main concerns & interests when getting a puppy. Farley recently graduated from puppy training classes, where the trainer commented every week on his demeanor & intelligence. We're looking into training him as a therapy dog, since children are so attracted to him. Looking back, we wouldn't do any of it differently--except that we might have gotten two!



Our Precious Phoebe....

I researched & looked at every breeder I could find over the past two years trying to find a breeder I felt comfortable with & who I felt really loved & cared for their puppies. I was so happy & surprised I found Joey & Cottondogs only 2 1/2 hours away. The first time I spoke with Joey her girls weren't even pregnant yet based on our conversation & how informative & loving she was just on the phone I knew we would wait for a Cottondog no matter how long it took. We have 2 small children so it was very important to us that we found a puppy that had been loved & raised with people so they would be use to being around a family. I watched all of Joey's videos & looked at all her pictures & our family could not wait to get our puppy! Once we knew Meadow was pregnant Joey kept in touch all the time letting me know how Meadow was doing & how the puppies were I felt like I was there & that made our process so much easier. Once the puppies were born we received pictures & regular updates & we were lucky enough to get to go & meet the puppies & you could tell that Joey & her family loved each puppy & treated them as though they were part of their family which we LOVED. Joey took so much time & effort to ensure we got the "right" puppy for our family. Joey was 100% correct Phoebe is AWESOME & she blended into our family seamlessly. She loves our children & they adore her. She is so sweet & loving with them & plays with them all the time. She has the perfect temperament & disposition. We could not feel more blessed to have found Joey & Cottondogs. Our Phoebe is beautiful & such a sweet baby. We cannot wait until Joey has another litter so that we can add another puppy to our family. Thank you Joey for all you do to ensure that each family has a wonderful experience & receives a perfect puppy.




If you are passionate about OES's then you have found a breeder that shares that same passion. After researching many breeders it was Cottondogs that stood out from the rest due to their obvious love for the breed & the care they give to their beautiful OES. Their absolute attention to details & the responsiveness from Joey was so great, she truly loves & cares for the litters. It is also so nice to be part of the process, from the photos of the puppies to the live webcam. Joey was always available for questions & she really opens up her home to you to visit the puppies, you can tell Joey is a breeder with such devotion to her OES's & their litters. I would highly recommend Cottondogs as a breeder. Our Shelby is from Meadow's 2010 litter & she is a beautiful, healthy dog with the most wonderful disposition & a constant companion to our young son.

Candi Nichols, Irving, TX


Gracie Belle

Joey was extremely informative & helpful when it came time to pick my Gracie Belle. I was nervous since I was unable to go there to see the dogs & puppies for myself. She sent us pictures & videos often so we could all see the puppies & parents. She always answered my questions & still does. We had Gracie flown to NY & she was in such great condition upon arrival. She had her homemade blankie & toy from home with her. She is such a beautiful, healthy puppy! I already referred my brother & another family to her as well. My brother's family is thrilled with their little Beethoven. When people ask me if I was nervous about buying long distance I tell them how I was just so comfortable with Joey from the first time I spoke to her. If you are looking for an OES I highly recommend Cottondogs like I have for my friends & family. Thank you Cottondogs for our beautiful Gracie Belle!



Pampered & Prestigious member of the family. Kenzie

We purchased our OES from Cottondogs & drove from Ar. It was a pleasant surprise to see the dogs enjoying the best room of the house. Barkley renamed Lady Kennsington was a breeze to house train & is well loved by our Vet's office & neighbors. If you're interested in an indoor new member of your family you will not be disappointed. I've had OES all my life & I was impressed to see how well these dogs were cared for. They are so healthy! No biting or growling, great with children & other pets (we have parrots), a joy to have around.



Great experience wtih puppy. Cinderella

We purchased a puppy from Cottondogs & had to have her shipped to another state. Not only was the purchase process very easy & organized, but the puppy was shipped with a mommy's blanket & I could tell she was very loved. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Cottondogs also has been a reliable source for any questions regarding our puppy. Thank you Joey!



Outstanding Old English Sheepdog. Lola & Sofie

Our Lola is from Tula's 2007 litter. Lola is absolutely perfect in every way. Temperament, amazing coat, great pigmentation, absolutely OUTSTANDING quality! Joey is great to work with, she has a loving soul & it shows in her breedings. I love Joey's homepathic approach in the care & breeding of her babies.



Highly Recommended Breeder!! HariBear

We purchased our second OES "Bear" from Joey in December of 2007 & could not be happier with our puppy & with Cottondogs. We had been looking for a local breeder for quite some time & were thrilled to find Cottondogs. Joey is amazing & was extremely helpful with all of our questions. She even sent Bear home with a care package. It was so thoughtful & really demonstrates how much she cares for all of her puppies. They are all raised at home with her family & their sheepdogs & they really do love each & every one of them. Our OES is now almost 5 months & is a wonderful dog. He is extremely intelligent & has a great personality. He loves people & other dogs, is eager to learn & is training very well. My other sheepie Stella is happy to have a friend & we hope to continue to grow our sheepie family. We are so happy with Cottondogs & would not consider buying from any other breeder!



The best puppies ever! Bogie

My puppy, Bogie, was from the litter in December & I couldn't have asked for a better puppy or breeder. Joey helped me tremendously with all the questions I had. Bogie was my first puppy ever & she sent him with a care package that was extemely helpful! As a breeder she really knew the puppies individually & was able to help me decide which puppy would go best with me. Along with everything Joey gave us, she also gave him a lot of love & that is why he's a large teddy bear that loves to give kisses.



Special dog from a special breeder. Jasmine

Our Jasmine is from the 2007 litter. She is beautiful with two big blue eyes, the sweetest disposition ever & so very smart. We are fortunate enough to live within driving distance of Joey. We visited Jasmine & her family when she was two weeks old. We saw first hand where & how these babies are raised. Inside a home, as part of a family, surrounded by love & attention from the day they are born. We met Elvis, Tula, Meadow & all of Jasmine's litter mates. We now feel a part of this wonderful family. I had not had an OES for several years & Joey answered every question I ever had with a kind patience. Jasmine has always been healthy & had great check-ups with our vet. He said she is a magnificent animal, but we knew that because we live with her. There is something very special about these beautiful animals & the very "special lady" who raises them. We hope to get another puppy from Joey soon.