Special Dogs for Special People located in North Texas

Our Family

Contact us at 817-295-9053 or email at We are currently not planning a litter until fall of 2020 or 2021. Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile feel free to contact me as I will be happy to guide you to other reputable breeders who can help you find the right puppy for your family.

My husband "KC" & I are both animal lovers. Our Old English Sheepdogs are part of our family & live inside our home with us & our 2 children. Over 30 years ago I was blessed with my first Old English Sheepdog Megan. Her love & devotion stole my heart & OES have been the only breed I have owned & been owned by since with the exception of our beloved Jack Russell Terrier named Pudgey.

 Our website is named after Cotton whom we bought when our children were toddlers. She was a very special girl. Our children both have autism and our daughter also has epilepsy. Cotton was a natural seizure alert dog & my daughter's companion. Tragically Cotton passed away in April 2007 a few days after being spayed. She was a special gift & her love for our family & especially our daughter will never be forgotten. She was the very best & we will love her always.

 Our website was created to showcase our dogs & puppies for their new families. The information you will find here is just to help you get to know a little about us. I am very careful in selecting the families that our puppies will go to. I want us to get to know each other before agreeing to place a puppy as we will need to keep in touch & have a good relationship throughout the life of each puppy. Our goal with each & every puppy is to place it in the very best home possible. We breed for health & temperament always keeping the breed standard as our goal for exceptional, beautiful puppies. Owning an OES is a lifelong commitment not a spur of the moment decision. This is not the breed for everyone but once you have had your first one you will want no other. They are truly special & will hold your heart for the rest of your life.


About our Old English Sheepdogs:

 Libby is a sweet little female and the baby of our OES family even though she is not the youngest. She has many nicknames because of all the silly things that she does. One of her very favorite activities is swimming. One of the funniest things that she was caught in the act of doing was sneaking into the pool with the help of Tula. We have a safety fence around the pool and also security cameras so we can see any activity. One day I noticed someone in the pool, it was Libby. She was having a great time. We couldn't figure out how she managed to get in so we continued to keep a close eye on the camera. We decided to just say the word "swim" and wait to see what happened. We watched the monitor and saw Tula who is super smart lift the pole out of the cement at the gate with her teeth to let Libby in!!!  We fixed the fence so they couldn't do that by themselves again. 

 Bristol is our sweet girl that we imported from Brazil when she was a puppy. Much of her pedigree is shared with Meadow. We were wanting another girl that would be as wonderful as Meadow without being a full sister. We couldn't be happier with our decision to import Bristol to be part of our family. She is an exceptional girl. She has a calm, gentle, loving personality & even received the AKC Good Citizen award when she was only 7 months old. She has the disposition of a therapy dog & has done great when visiting my children's school & other places in the community. Her sire & grandsire are both world champions & she has numerous international champions in her recent pedigree. 


About our Puppies:

Each one of our puppies are loved & spoiled from the moment they are born. Our house is always full of people who love & play with them everyday. When the puppies are 3 days old we begin the "Bio Sensor Super Puppy" program with them. When they are 3 weeks old we introduce a special goats milk formula to them & shortly after that begin to add in puppy food. They continue to nurse until mommy naturally weans them. They are checked for worms & parasites 3 times. We do not worm our puppies & would only do so if they tested positive for worms or parasites. We do things as naturally as possible as we feel this is healthier for our dogs & puppies. Our adults are healthy & eat a diet of grain free & raw food. They have been on NuVet Plus vitamins for years as well as a few other nutritional supplements. I include more information on nutrition & health along with our recommendations in our puppy packet. 

 The puppies are brought from the bedroom into our living room which we convert into a nursery when they are 3 weeks old. We begin potty training the puppies to go outside when they are 4 weeks old. This gives them a good start & they prefer to do their "business" outside. I groom & brush them every day. They get at least 2 baths & I get them accustomed to the doggy dryer & all sorts of household noises. They spend time with us each day in other areas of the house & yard for individual & group attention & socialization. We also encourage our families to visit & spend as much time with the puppies as possible before they go home with them. We also take them for car rides. We keep at least 2 different types of large crates without the doors on them in the puppy room so they are familiar & comfortable with them. When the puppies are 7 weeks old we help our families choose the right puppy for them. We keep the puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old. Puppies are placed with Limited AKC registration. You are welcome to contact me for an adoption application & more information. We usually plan for 1 litter a year.